About Bruce Berlage
Bruce Berlage '56 served as Vice President of the Student Government Association in 1955-56. He and Donna Berlage have supported a number of programs at the University.
About The Scholarship
The Berlage Alternative Spring Break Fund was established in June 2007 to provide financial assistance to students who would like to participate in Alternative Spring Break service experiences, but may not have the financial means. Alternative Breaks (AB) program are substance-free, community service-learning experience during the university’s winter, spring, and summer breaks.

"At this point I can truly say that this has been one of the most amazing opportunities I have ever had in my life and it has been an honor to do community service with the people around me. The craziest thing is that I have been working with individuals I already knew but it wasn't until this experience that I really got to know them."
– Neel Mistry, 2014 AWB Bahamas participant

"Of all the activities I’m involved in, this one was by far my favorite. Being surrounded by motivated social justice-oriented, thoughtful and supportive people was such a privilege. This is what college is about—finding your passions and finding other people who have also found their passion. Put those together and you get one unforgettable year. Thank you AB."
– Ann Marie Huisentruit, 2014 AB Experience Leader

"I think the greatest part was driving through the park and seeing the other projects completed by my classmates over the last few years. Clearing the trail ourselves was great but understanding how our project added to our university’s legacy made the trip more meaningful."
– Alex Winter, 2013 AWB Bahamas Participant

"I’m usually so absorbed in day to day pressures and tasks that I don’t get to really live. Here, in AB, I’ve been able to distance myself and live how I’ve always wanted."
– 2015 ASB Participant

"In the spirit of discussion, we continued to talk about our experiences in Haiti and how we’ve grown individually over the past two weeks. Each of us talked about a personal goal we’d set for ourselves and how we met it. Many of us stepped out of our comfort zones, reached a new level of mentality and clarity and found ourselves at home in a place that was foreign to us just two weeks ago."
– Kristina Mondesir, 2015 AWB Haiti Participant

"AB truly impact my life as an undergrad, then as a grad student, and now as a new professional. It challenged my beliefs as well as my leadership abilities and encouraged me to grow in ways I never knew were possible."
– UMD and AB Alumnus

"Having actively participated in AB during undergrad has honestly played a part in every decision I have made about my life since. From applying to AmeriCorps, to working in health policy, to providing medical care in Peru and finally to pursuing my master's in social work, my AB experiences have contributed to each and every endeavor."
– UMD and AB Alumnus

"I can't thank AB enough for helping change my global and local perspective on community issues and continue to believe that AB is truly the experience that lasts a lifetime!"
– UMD and AB Alumnus

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