How to Apply
The Transportation Services Student Employee Excellence in Leadership Scholarship Fund is awarded to a current UMD student in good standing who has demonstrated exemplary leadership skills, and has made a positive impact for the Department of Transportation Services and the university community. Applicants must be employees of the Department of Transportation Services; however they do not have to hold a management position. Individuals will be evaluated on criteria including, but not limited to:
  1. Leadership in the department
  2. Effective and efficient management
  3. Customer service
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Employed by the University of Maryland, Department of Transportation Services for two (2) or more semesters.
  • Returning as a DOTS student employee the following semester.
  • Registered, full-time University of Maryland, College Park students pursuing an undergraduate degree.
  • Exceptional contributions to work within DOTS.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership in working with staff and/or resources.
  • Individual performance exceeds job requirements.
  • Demonstrated outstanding personal qualities:
    • Positive rapport with all levels of staff, both within and outside the department
    • Demonstrates initiative
    • Exemplary attitude
    • Integrity or other commendable traits
  1. Professional Leadership
    1. Serves as a role model for other individuals in the profession, including serving as a mentor and/or advisor
    2. Embraces innovation and creativity in all aspects of their professional activities
    3. Develops and communicates his/her vision for the future, persuading others to actively participate in that vision
    4. Demonstrates honesty and integrity, ethical and moral leadership.

  2. Effective and Efficient Management (applicants do not have to be a DOTS student manager, this criteria can be gained in all student employee roles)
    1. Demands continuous improvement in his/her unit.
    2. Promotes achievement and goal attainment.
    3. Effectively builds relationships.
    4. Fosters positive, creative work environment.
    5. Encourages and facilitates personal development in others.

  3. Customer Service
    1. Commits to the highest standards of quality as related to products/services.
    2. Embraces continuous improvement" within his/her unit.
    3. Strives to provide highest level of service to internal and external constituents.
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