About Jack Godfrey

Jack GodfreyJack Godfrey squeezed every last bit of joy out of his 21 years. A devoted son and brother, Jack truly came to life when surrounded by his expansive network of friends—both in Ardsley, New York, and at the University of Maryland.

Jack would initiate most conversations the same way: "What's good?" Relentlessly upbeat, everybody knew him as the smiling, joking, laughing young man who tried to lift everybody's spirits.

Those closest to Jack also knew him to be very serious about creative writing and recognized both his depth of thought and vast potential. Jack's friends and family created this scholarship as a way to inspire and reward students who possess a mindset similar to Jack's, and to encourage these students to keep telling great stories.

About the Scholarship

In order to preserve Jack’s memory, his family established the scholarship in 2014. The merit-based scholarship provides financial support to a University of Maryland undergraduate who demonstrates a passion for learning and shared Jack’s interest in creative writing.

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