About the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life

The vision of the Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life (DFSL) is of a community that lives by the values by which the fraternities and sororities were founded.

The Department of Fraternity & Sorority Life's Mission is to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders (students, administrators, alumni, parents, nationals, etc.) in order to foster, promote and support the development of a community made up of values-based organizations. They commit to holding chapters and their members accountable to the values-based rituals and ideals of their organizations, creating and maintaining a safe, healthy living-learning environment, and creating consistency among personal values, organizational values, university values, and community values.

DFSL achieves their commitments through efforts to develop and enhance leadership, promote positive involvement in the campus and community, cultivate an appreciation for diversity, encourage personal responsibility and self-governance, foster superior scholarship, and through efforts to foster life-long engagement.

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