About Joseph M. Mitchell
Joseph M. Mitchell On July 5, 2005, Joseph M. Mitchell lost his long and courageous fight with cancer. He came to the University of Maryland and the Department of Resident Life in December 1988, after receiving his undergraduate degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and working at UMBC. Joe continued to serve the residence hall students, their parents and University of Maryland staff members for nearly 17 years, including as Assistant Director of Resident Life. He founded Resident Life's Information Systems unit and worked closely with colleagues from across the campus during the dawn of the internet age to ensure that residence hall students were connected to the latest technology. Joe served as a mentor, guide and friend to the countless numbers of students who staffed his IT department.

Joe is remembered with joy by his friends and colleagues for his passion for life and kinship, his love of family and friends, his ever-present wit and tireless good cheer, and the depth of his personal commitment to caring for countless others, including strangers and the disadvantaged in our society. The Joseph M. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Award was created to honor Joe's special ability to identify and mentor those students who faced hardships that threatened their ability to stay in school and graduate.

"Joe was a mentor, guide and friend to our students, developing their talents and abilities. I consider this to be Joe's greatest gift." -Deb Grandner

About the Scholarship
The Joseph M. Mitchell Scholarship Award was established to honor the memory of Joseph M. Mitchell, a staff member of the Department of Resident Life for nearly 17 years, who passed away in 2005. A scholarship is offered each spring and fall to students who best display the character of Joseph M. Mitchell. In order to preserve the memory of Joseph M. Mitchell, former colleagues and staff of the Department of Resident Life and the Division of Student Affairs established the Joseph M. Mitchell Scholarship Award in his memory.
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