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List of Past Scholars

2018-2019 Newcombe Scholars

Alona Hapey
Alona Hapey

Alona Hapey is a mother of two, a proud American citizen, and a student of one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Maryland, College Park. As a first-generation immigrant as well as the first college student in her family, she has made this path filled with many challenges, mistakes, and failures, but is driven to learn, research and contribute to the best of her abilities. She is very familiar with late nights and early mornings which are filled with taking care of her infant daughter or doing her college assignments. She knows that in the next morning she needs to be ready for a new day, going to work and school, or doing her mother’s chores with a smile on her face, and that is not easy. Sometimes she thinks she should quit, however, she realizes that making my own path and by setting new goals she is reinventing my life and career, and making my dreams a reality. However, slowly step by step she am going to achieve her dreams. These are dreams that she would never achieve without the support of her family, friends, mentors, and advisors, (such as the professors from Montgomery College and the University of Maryland). In her journey to receive her first Bachelor’s degree, she is growing to learn and educate myself and support her kids. And she is telling herself she can do it because she is a woman and mother irrepressible and resilient with the whole world in her hands. She has the courage and the drive and energy to acquire her bachelor’s degree and improve her life as well as help contribute to society with the best of her abilities. As a non-traditional student, being a mature woman, Hapey would like to be an example for her children. She would like to show that in her 40th year a new life can just begin, and it is never too late to accomplish her dreams. According to Hapey, age is just a number and does not dictate your spirit.

Judy Pae
Judy Pae

Judy Pae is a senior majoring in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Math and Science. She is currently in her senior residency at Templeton Elementary School. She plans to work in the public-school system after graduation and pursue a master’s in special education. She is passionate about becoming an educator who will instill change for our future generation and motivate students to reach their highest potential in life.

Samantha Alley
Samantha Alley

Samantha is currently a Junior pursuing her B.S. in Behavioral & Community Health with a specialization in Health Communication. What inspired her to enter the field of public health was that many people close to her struggled with substance abuse problems during her adolescence and young adulthood. Through her coursework and life experience, her strong interest in the areas of substance use and harm reduction advocacy has only grown. Her work as an Alcohol and Other Drugs Peer Educator at the University Health Center has also helped her to realize her future plans. In the future, she hopes to be able to eliminate stigma around substance use and people who use drugs and to advocate for better public health interventions surrounding substance use for communities across the country.

Sarina Rajput
Sarina Rajput

Sarina Rajput is a 26-year-old transfer student who is attending at the University of Maryland. She is looking forward to being inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta and the Beta Eta chapters of Tau Sigma at the University of Maryland later this semester. She is being challenged like she has never been before and loving every minute of it.

Kelsey Golding
Kelsey Golding

Kelsey Golding is a Senior Hearing and Speech Sciences major in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Maryland. She is also a single mother of two little ones who keep her eyes on the prize and keep her motivated every single day. She has a huge interest in Speech Language Pathology, therefore over the summer she interned at REINS Therapeutic Services where she gave one-on-one support to campers with special needs through activities, which included speech therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, social skills, and art. Golding was able to gain a great deal of experience in Speech Language Pathology by working with special needs children who have Autism and Down syndrome. Through this great learning opportunity, she was exposed to different techniques and tools that will be beneficial when applying to graduate school and while in graduate school. After graduation, Golding plans to attend graduate school to continue her pursuit in becoming a Speech Language Pathologist.

Benedicte Raissa Machili Fah
Benedicte Raissa Machili Fah

Benedicte Raissa Machili Fah is a native of Cameroon. She immigrated in the United States in November 2014, three years after graduating from high school. She went to Montgomery College from January 2015 to May 2017, and transferred to university of Maryland-College Park, where she is continuing her education. She currently studies biology with an emphasis in Neurology and Physiology. She has been volunteering with Community Bridges since October 2016, where she mentors high school girls. She also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity in the summer of 2017, and is currently a member of the National Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa. She is also a peer mentor in the First Year Research Enrichment Program (FIRE), Engineering Biosensor Lab. Her career aspirations consist of becoming a Podiatrist.

Mahlet Tadesse
Mahlet Tadesse

Mahlet was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She completed all of her studies there before moving to the US in 2014. She attended Montgomery College for 2 years and earned her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration in 2016. Then, Mahlet transferred to the University of Maryland to further continue her studies. She is currently an Accounting and Information Systems major at the Smith School of Business. After graduation, she would like to obtain her CPA. It will allow Mahlet to grow professionally, where she can use her knowledge to benefit the people she would work with.

Raymi Chatman
Tifani Carnes

Raymi Chatman is a Junior at the University of Maryland with a 3.1 GPA majoring in Psychology on the Physician Assistant track. She has served 3.5 years in the U.S Air Force while also being on the Honor Guard team of Fairchild Air Force Base. She aspires to complete her degree then enroll in a physician assistant program to complete her masters. A single mom, Raymi works diligently to provide a full life for her daughter through dedication to her educational goals.

Julessa Jolley
Tifani Carnes

Juleesa Jolley was born in Fall River MA on Aug. 10, 1988. She was raised in Columbus GA where she attended Central High School. After completing high school she decided to enlist in the US Army where she served honorably from 2008 to 2016 when she was medically discharged. During her time on active duty she was a military policemen and achieved the rank of staff sergeant. She was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from 2011-2012. Juleesa has been awarded six army achievement medals, three army commendation medals, two good conduct medals, two non-commissioned officer, Afghanistan campaign medal, two overseas ribbons, and an ISAF non article 5 medal.

Erica Long
Erica Long

Erica Long is 26 year old and was born and raised in Maryland. She attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for the 2008-2009 academic year, then enlisted in the U.S. Army as a helicopter mechanic where she was employed from 2009-2015. Having completed her contract with the military, she now attends the University of Maryland and is pursuing a double degree in Biology and Studio Art. She currently resides in Maryland with her husband and the three year old son.

Alexis Dorsey
Alexis Dorsey

Alexis Dorsey is from Germantown, MD and currently lives there. She is a studio art major with hopes of being a fashion designer. In her free time, she loves to read and spend time with her family.

Christian Byrd
Christian Byrd

Christian Byrd is currently pursuing a degree in Information Science and is on track to graduate in May 2019. He is an army veteran with four years of experience serving underneath the Charlie Company 67th Signal Battalion as a Networking Systems Operator and Team Chief. In the service, he worked on multiple overseas missions for the benefit of war torn countries, while working to better understand the principles of Leadership, Compassion, and Selfless Service. At the University, Christian is working towards a degree that will better enable him to make the world more accessible for individuals with disabilities such as his aging father who also served in the military when he was younger. His future goals are to help design technology that not only helps ease the aging process, but can work to keep elderly individuals healthy, informed and in control of their own care and lifestyle.

Ndeye Thioye
Ndeye Thioye

Ndeye Thioye is a college student in senior year at the University of Maryland. She is pursuing her Bachelor in Finance at the Robert Smith School of Business. She was born in Senegal, West Africa and came to the U.S. six years ago to pursue her studies. She is married and has a 4-year old daughter. I obtained my Associate Degree in Business at Montgomery College in December 2016. This year, she has been accepted for the Plus One program at the Smith School of Business, which consist of getting a Master in Finance in a year.

Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith

Abigail Smith is the single mother of one who is trying to beat the odds and improve the world. She is a junior at thr University of Maryland where she majors in Landscape Architecture and minors in Sustainability. She graduated from the Community College of Baltimore County with an Associative of Applied Science in Sustainable Horticulture, Magna Cum Laude. Abby aspires to continue her education a Johns Hopkins University and earn a Masters of Environmental Management and Policy. She will use the skills she has developed in a career focused on ecological restoration and ADA landscapes.

Tifani Carnes
Tifani Carnes

Tiffani T. Carnes is an adult undergraduate entering her senior year as a Theatre Studies major at UMD. She is a staunch supporter of arts integration, and believes both visual and performing arts are invaluable tools when applied in learning, development, and social activism. Long-term, Tifani aspires to pursue a master's degree in School Counseling, and to use both her training in mental health and the creative arts to develop programs promoting social and emotional competency. Tifani is a native to Washington, DC and Prince George's County, Maryland and a graduate of Montgomery College and Bowie High School.

Judy Pae
Judy Pae

Judy Pae is a senior majoring in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Math and Science. She is currently in her senior residency at Templeton Residency School. She plans to work in the public school system after graduation and pursue a masters in Special Education. She is passionate about becoming an educator who will instill change for our future generation and motivate students to reach their highest potential in life.

Sandra Merino
Sandra Merino

Sandra P. Merino is a current senior at the University of Maryland College Park. As a mother of four boys, she has learned to juggle school, motherhood, and daily obstacles. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a minor in Construction Project Management. She has had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy to further her understanding in Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. The importance of student involvement has led her to serve on the board for AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students), NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architects), and WIA (Women in Architecture). Her plans are to pursue a Dual Master’s Degree in Architecture and Community Planning at the University of Maryland. She is thankful for her professors, colleagues, and family for their support, mentoring, and encouragement.

2017-2018 Newcombe Scholars

Tifani Carnes
Tifani Carnes

Tiffani T. Carnes is an adult undergraduate entering her senior year as a Theatre Studies major at UMD. She is a staunch supporter of arts integration, and believes both visual and performing arts are invaluable tools when applied in learning, development, and social activism. Long-term, Tifani aspires to pursue a master's degree in School Counseling, and to use both her training in mental health and the creative arts to develop programs promoting social and emotional competency. Tifani is a native to Washington, DC and Prince George's County, Maryland and a graduate of Montgomery College and Bowie High School.

Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith

Abigail Smith is the single mother of one who is trying to beat the odds and improve the world. She is a junior at thr University of Maryland where she majors in Landscape Architecture and minors in Sustainability. She graduated from the Community College of Baltimore County with an Associative of Applied Science in Sustainable Horticulture, Magna Cum Laude. Abby aspires to continue her education a Johns Hopkins University and earn a Masters of Environmental Management and Policy. She will use the skills she has developed in a career focused on ecological restoration.

Willow Blackmon
Willow Blackmon

Willow was born affluent and privileged, but lost everything when she entered foster care. At 18, she was left homeless, and spent the years working and putting herself through school. She has hit several obstacles, including the recent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease which causes systematic pain, and makes walking and using her hands difficult, but she will never stop working hard to achieve her goals. She firmly believes that it is better to learn how to do something than have it done for you. She greatly appreciates the generosity of others in helping her achieve her degree, so one day she may give back.

Jerome Quenum
Jerome Quenum

Jerome Quenum is a transfer student to the University of Maryland. He is an electrical engineering major and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. Originally from Benin, West Africa, He moved to the United States in 2013. Throughout his journey, he was able to serve as a STEM ambassador, volunteering in middle school and high school engineering outreach programs. He also tutored in various Math and Science center to help fellow students improve their problem-solving skills. As a member of the Society of Physics Students, he presented at the 2015 meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers. He was the treasurer and the president of the Math Club at Montgomery College and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Club. He is currently the Secretary of the Engineering Student Council and the project chair of IEEE at the University of Maryland. As he is also currently serving the U.S. Army reserve, he is participating in the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Maryland in order to earn a commission as a second lieutenant upon graduation. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he will continue serving in the US military while pursuing a doctorate degree in electrical engineering.

Julessa Jolley
Julessa Joley

Juleesa Jolley Was born in fall river Ma. On Aug. 10th 1988. She was raised in Columbus Ga. where she attended Central High School and graduated in 2007. She has three brothers and is the mother of Tamia Jolley. Juleesa enjoys paddle boarding and camping. From 2008 to 2016 juleesa served on active duty in the army as a military policeman. During her time on active duty, she as deployed to Afghanistan in support of operation enduring freedom. Juleesa was awarded the army two accommodation meddles; six army achievement medals; two good conduct medals; two overseas service meddles; two non-commissioned officer professional development meddles; one non-article five ISAF service medal; one Afghanistan campaign medal; one global war on terrorism medal; and one national defense service medal. Juleesa has an associate's degree in applied science, criminal justice from Central Taxes College. She is currently attending the University of Maryland and majors in architecture.

Francine Baker
Francine Baker

Francine Baker is a is first generation Jamaican-American attending the University of Maryland, College Park via the Universities at Shady Grove. She is currently in her last semester as an undergraduate student studying Public Health Science. Upon graduation, Francine will apply for graduate school with hopes of studying the science that drives public health. Francine’s long term career goal is to join the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service as a Science and Research Health Professions Officer. I also hope to return to University of Maryland as a faculty member. My time at Maryland has been very rewarding. I would love to give back to the UMD community by inspiring other students to become strong, confident public health professionals as the School of Public Health faculty has inspired me.

Shantia Brown
Shantia Brown

Shantia R. Brown, native of Prince George’s County, is a junior at the University of Maryland – College Park and is majoring in Economics in the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences. She earned an Associates of Science in Business Administration in 2016 and is currently working at the National Science Foundation in the Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE) Directorate, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS). She is an enthusiastic and dynamic Management Analyst with over 8 years of direct federal experience specializing in qualitative and quantitative analysis, program and project management, contracting, project control, human resources, budgeting, security operations, risk management, and project scheduling.

Noelle Thompson-Worthington
Noelle Thompson-Worthington

I am a mother of four children, ranging from ages 15 to 1 month old, who decided that my talents were best explored in the academic arena rather than the service industry. At 33, I decided to return to college without the convenience of my prior transcript, which left little to attest to my abilities. Starting over at the College of Southern Maryland, I was inspired by my history professor, Dr. Arnold-Lourie, who instilled a passion for learning and scholarship. I was admitted to the University of Maryland after completing my Honors Degree in History and obtaining the Distinguished History Scholar award in the spring of 2015. During my time at University of Maryland, I gave birth to my last two children, while attending class and working part-time. I was admitted into the History Honors Program at UMD and did my thesis on Gregory of Tours and his depiction of the Frankish King Clovis. I am forever grateful to the Charlotte Newcomb Foundation for the generous award that will enable me to complete my degrees by the spring of 2018. I plan on applying to graduate school in December to continue Anthropological coursework in Archaeology.

Kristin Jayd
Kristine Jayd

Kristin Jayd is a first generation degree seeking student majoring in Environmental Science and Policy, with a concentration in Wildlife Ecology. (She’s also mom to a 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter.) Her academic interests include entomology, ecology, and higher education. She is weaving these together with the goal of teaching natural sciences in a community college setting and providing laboratory and field research opportunities to non-traditional students like herself.

Rosita Lerner
Rosita Lerner

Rosita Lerner is a senior in Family Science at University of Maryland. She is pursuing two degrees. She is almost finish with one, Family Science, except that she needs to fulfill her internship requirement so she can get her diploma. The other program she is pursuing is Elementary Education. She plans to complete the core program requirements in Spring and Fall of 2018 semesters. Because her schedule will be hectic and she has a disability, she plans to divide her time - doing a few hours in each - among working part time, gain school credit through an internship, and the added bonus of helping others through a volunteer work in an organization that helps the most vulnerable in our society. While she is doing all these, she plans to work part time as a human service professional. She is eyeing and competing to get an internship at Pathways, one of the umbrellas of National Institute of Health. Or she can and want to do a stint in a large international organization that caters to varied citizens of the world.

Preetam Lengade
Preetam Lengade

I was born in Belgaum, India and completed my high school from St. Mary’s High School,· Belgaum in 1997. After completing high school, my family wanted me to study Architecture. Therefore, I was enrolled at Vasant Rao Potdar Polytechnic, Belgaum, India where I earned an Associate's degree in Architecture and I received the "Best Student Award" for the Architecture department for the year 2002. I worked as an architectural assistant for five years and during my spare time I worked as a freelancer. My work involved building models, building plans and interior designing for residential and commercial buildings. In June 2009, I moved to the United States to live with my husband. As a first generation student, I had always dreamed of getting a doctorate degree and becoming a researcher. I got the opportunity to follow my dream in 2011, where I enrolled at Prince George's Community College, In the fall of 2016, I received an Associate's degree in Mathematics and in the spring of 2017, I received an Associate's degree in General Studies. While I was at Prince George's Community College, I made the Dean's list three times. I became a member of two honor societies, Phi Theta Kappa and National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Nguyet Nguyen
Nguyet Nguyen

Hi, my name, is Nguyet Nguyen and I am a senior majoring in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education. I was born in Vietnam but immigrated to the United States when I was a toddler. My college journey started eight years ago at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD where I received my Associates Degree in the Arts of Teaching. Although my college journey has taken longer than most, I am so proud of my accomplishments thus far and I can’t wait to graduate and start my new journey as an educator. Growing up I have always wanted to be an Early Childhood teacher, I want my classroom to be a place where children can reach their full potential without the stress of circumstances outside of their control. I want to be the one who will inspire them. The one to uncover their hidden potential, ingrain in them the significance of their words and actions, and teach them to embrace the individual inside of them that has ideas, strengths and beauty like no one else.

Jessica Ruark
Jessica Ruark

My name is Jessica Ruark. I am currently an environmental science and policy major, with special concentration in wildlife ecology and management. I am interested in becoming a certified wildlife biologist; my current coursework reflects this aspiration. My overall goal in life is to aid in the protection of endangered species

Rachel Ross
Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross is a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. She formerly studied Dietetics and currently studies Environmental Horticulture. She enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about the ecosystem, how people can help improve the environment, and how they can improve themselves at the same time. In her spare time, Rachel advocates for wellness and natural healing due to her experience with chronic illness. After graduation, she hopes to hold a career that improves the lives of others and the environment simultaneously.

Raymi Chatman
Raymi Chatman

Raymi Chatman is an Air Force veteran and returning student. She was born in Florida and later moved to Silver Spring, Maryland where she graduated from Springbrook High School. Upon graduation, Raymi enlisted in the military, where she served four years in Spokane, Washington. Currently, Raymi is a junior with an intended major in Psychology. She plans on completing her undergraduate degree at UMD while taking prerequisite courses for a Physicial Assistant program.

Sandra Merino
Sandra Merino

2016-2017 Newcombe Scholars
Sarah Willard '16, Agriculture
Shaniek Williams '17, Undergraduate Studies
Amanda O'Grady '16, Agriculture
Faith Washington-Law '16, Public Health
Mary Ann Akuto '17, Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences
Simone Frazier
Tanzeela Shafiq 2017, Behavioral and Social Sciences

2015-2016 Newcombe Scholars
Amy Gabel '16, Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences
Kendra Grimmett '16, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Danielle Smith-Wingate '17, Arts and Humanities
Silvia Calles '16, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Stephanie Callahan '17, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Zoe Eldon-Yochim
Patricia Powers '16, Biological Science
Amber Chaney '17, Arts and Humanities
Shaneik A. Williams '17, Undergraduate Studies
Joy Henry '17, Journalism
Channah Bronstein '16, Psychology
Esther Rodriguez '18, Agriculture
Krystle Smart-Dessimus '16, Psychology
Isu Ravi '16, Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences
Amanda Harrilal '16, Biological Science
Maryam Zareh '16, Biological Science
Crystal Herbert '17, Public Health
Denisa Caballero '16, Communication

2014-2015 Newcombe Scholars
Carolina Acevedo ’16 Criminology and Criminal Justice
Denisa Caballero ’16 Communications
Terra Greene ’15 Education
Joy Henry ’16 Letters & Sciences
Adam Hutchinson ’16 Engineering
Stacey Jackowski ’15 Education
Elda Kwong ’15 Agriculture
Vida Oh ’15 Criminology and Criminal Justice
Monica Oliver ’15 Family Science
Andrea Proenza ’15 Government & Politics
Gabriela Rodriquez ’16 Government & Politics

2013-2014 Newcombe Scholars
Alfiya Akhmed ’14 Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences
Diem Bui ’14 Business & Management
Gwendolyn E. Curry ’14 Arts & Humanities
Patricia Downie ’13 Agriculture
Maria Fielding ’14 Behavioral and Social Sciences
Meagan Ginyard ’14 Public Health
Terra Greene ’13 Education
Laura Linehan ’13 Behavioral and Social Sciences
Danielle Lynam ’13 Agriculture
Lorraine Makanyama ’14 Behavioral and Social Sciences
Bellamie Nelson ’14 Behavioral and Social Sciences
Laila Parham ’13 Education

2011 Newcombe Scholars
Juliet Wahome
Devla Yagli
Gayathri Aluvihare
Magdalena Ignaczak
Natara Strother
Christine Bernstein
Olivia Bullard
Marina Coleman
Angela Harvey
Uyoufeng Jiang
Karen Joyner
Karin Nelson
Daune O'Brien
Salma Ould Ahmed
Esther Polirer

2010 Newcombe Scholars
Blanca Gomez-Castillo
Musu Hartie
Magdalena Ignaczar
Tanya McMillan
Jessika Piwowarski
Randy Seton

2009 Newcombe Scholars
Brian Baird
Christine M. Black
Hadia M. Damtew
Marci Deloatch
Aida Elegbede
Amy L. Gilbert
Nancy Marie Harding
Shavon M. Holland
Lauren R. Larson
Alison Kwang-Fei Lo
Viviane Miner
Germaine Margaret Renzi
Darwin M. Romero
Jessica P. Sandhu
Natara F. Strother
Elizabeth Hudson Telson

2008 Newcombe Scholars
Rashida Ali-Mubarak
Chinwe Enu
Patrice Felder
Kristy Funkhouser
Joanna Herman
Munita Lebson
Dorli Satterwhite
Lavetra Speight
Amy Gilbert
Nancy Harding
Shavon Holland
Alison Lo
Germaine Renzi
Jessica Sandhu
Natara Strother

2007 Newcombe Scholars
Subrina Bradley
Meghan Graham
Amanda Hofstetter
Jeanne Long
Melissa Long
Natasha Mullican
Mary O'Leary
Sonya Owenscobblah
Mary Paradiso
Emily Peterson
Shayla Scott
Amy Stupi
Dawn White

2006 Newcombe Scholars
Chinyere Anochie
Tonya Cain
Sheryl Carbone
Rushell Curran
Maritza Gasca
Pamela Makambi
Natalie Nichols
Martina Sestakova
Rochelle Sullivan
Mary Erin Sullivan
Dawn White

2005 Newcombe Scholars
Kendra Blatzheim
Jennifer Bohager
Nelly Branson
Barbara Brawn
Linda Britt
Brooke Chapman
Lilian Corvera
Ashley Davis-Edwards
Bonnie Dayhoff
Keri Dorman
Lea Engle
Sharon Hines
Robin Hudspeth
Grace Konieczny
Arlene Logan
Joi Lomax
Amy McCormick
Jessica Raines
Sallie Shelton
Bolatito Shodiya
Jessica Snyder
Apryl Stevens-Finlayson

2004 Newcombe Scholars
Helen Ankrah
Stacy Calo
Bonnie Dayoff
Laurie Duarte
Patricia Embrey
Nancy Feissner
Joy Gonzalez
Hameeda Hameed
Nabila Hijazi
Victoria Manns
Sikirat Olaniran
Ulrika Oster
Sonita Powell
Raeleen Redzuan
Melina Scotto
Amelia Simmons
Palmira Sodano
Judy Stone
Brenda Wilson

2003 Newcombe Scholars
Beth Connolly-Dzidek
Leslie Dowler
Sonya Hopson
Grace Ibarra
Neelka Mein
Penny Russell
Catherine Sinex
Kinday Toto

2002 Newcombe Scholars
Leila Crown
Michelle Day
Nuzhat Khalid
Alice Kogut
Nebiyat Natnael
Marybeth Peters
Savitha Sathyasheelappa
Rebecca Smith
Alexis Swink

2001 Newcombe Scholars
Angela Arias
Annie Birdsong
Linda Camardi
Dina Covaliu
Melanie Dahlgren
Kathleen Dobson
Jill Graf
Gail Greenleaf
Wendy Higgins
Joy Huggins
Dionne Jackson
Karen Jackson
Tanya Karamian
Joan Mark-Bell
Maria Martin
Kimiyo Nakamura
Nicole Oditt
Athina Priftis
Elizabeth Quackenbush
Alexis Swink
Kelly Thackston
Jacinta Wilbur

2000 Newcombe Scholars
Perpetua Anale
Pamela Best
Mustafa Best
Annie Birdsong
Rina Erhart
Milena Gatto
Darla Hawkins
Joy Huggins
Dominique Maggio
Shefali Mahabir
Jamie Marghi
Catina Porter
Alicia Proctor
Nancy Reese
Dorothea Roberts
Kathleen Santangelo
Mahasti Shahgholami
Lady Staley
Kelly Thackston
PooI Troung
Kimi Yoshida

1999 Newcombe Scholars
Carla Arrington
Renata Baginski
Anna Burns
Michelle Carhart
Pamela Cooper
Laura Corvette
Denise Dicocco
Janice Dubel
Lale Evsen
Leslie Greenblat
Carla Hart
Robyn Hughes
Dana-Robyn Jenkins
Kimberly Korol
Mary LaVaute
Vivienne Lettsome
Dominique Maggio
Terry McDermott
Rosanna Morales
Ijeoma Ozobu
Marianna Pesci
Wendelyn Phelan
Jennifer Saxman-Tesfaye
Sheila Schlosser
Sonya Walters
Susan Zehner

1998 Newcombe Scholars
Carol Ahrens
Carla Arrington
Ilhan Cagri
Laura Corvette
Kimberly Korol
Heather Dorsey
Kathleen D'Ovidio
Doron Greenblatt
Chantel Greene
Dawn Miggins
Colleen Moore
Marianna Pesci
Wendelyn Phelan
Lynn Porte
Natalie Quattrociocchi
Judith Robertson
Candace Strickland
Kerry Truban
Yuliya Turkina
Catherine Zizlavsky
Roberta Diemer

1997 Newcombe Scholars
Carol Aherns
Elizabeth Albornoz
Yvette Brown
Sandra Curtin
Patricia Deckert
Annette Harris
Tracey Lee
Lisa Loflin
Allison Lucas
Odile Ogonowski
Terel Reid
Salma Said
Theresa Spencer
Lila Tolman
Carrie Valdez
Stephanie Welch
Christine Williams

1996 Newcombe Scholars
Vera Acha-Ngwogo
Learlie Arrington
Susan Baca
Jacqueline Brant
Renee Cherok
Felecia Curtis
Simin Dokht Cyrus
Jane Ford
Annette Harris
Lisa Hendricks
Annelise Jones
Jean Kosloski
Rachel Lagodka
Adriane Lavender
Edelle Louis
Diana Lovingfoss
Kecia Mayes
Margaret Pittman
Cynthia Price
Christine Vick
Sheena Wright
Kimberly Wright

1995 Newcombe Scholars
Barbara Addis
Edythe Anderson
Leslie Bailey
Jacqueline Brant
Rachel Carr
Janie Doutsos
Amavi Forsythe
Linda Hickman
Janis Houck
Vernae Jones-Seals
Jeannie Kauffman
Pamela Langdon
Lisa Liptak
Margaret MacDonald
Diane Mizell
Barbara Monteforte
Kristen Morrison
Donna Peasley
Janet Robinson
Marta Rottweiler
Jennifer Tong
Jeanne Wall
Tracy Walls
Miriam Yarmolinsky

1994 Newcombe Scholars
Elizabeth Bosshard
Vicki Brooks
Gifty Cobblah
Dana Cohen
Karen Cooper
Kylena Cross
Lynn Doolan
Elizabeth Robin
Patricia Ferber
Ibolya Ignat
Tammy Magee
Caroline Molivadas
Helen Neeley
Angela Romano
Crystal Smith
Carline Theddore
Virginia Todd
Naomi Yett

1993 Newcombe Scholars
Kim Abramson
Debra Bermudez
Myra Binnix
Becky Carson
Christine Contreras
Margaret Desonier
Norma Dunn
Sondra Farrar
Sandra Forester
Christine Kibby
Caron Lee
Patricia Mannetti
Suzanne McCahill
Shelly McDaniel
Angela Niyi
Margaret Peterson
Maxine Rheingold
Kathleen Rhoades
Jane Roache
Catherine Schattenfield
Catherine Taylor
Diane Tinney
Milka Tokic
Alita Wilbert

1992 Newcombe Scholars
Jennifer Baker
Ivorine Barnes-McGhie
Ann Bluey
Carole Coe
Martha Cohen
Merry Cool
Brenda Cruz
Karla Eyerly
Sondra Farrar
Susan Fisher
Bridget Fordham
Lee Franklin
Carol Hamblin
Shelia Humphries
Donna Jenson
Stavroula Leontsinis
Teresa Lunn
Jane Lynch
Aletha Mackey
Kelly Nolan
Sharon O'Brien
Margaret Reed
Edith Robinson
Cynthia Sipocz
Ellen Sloane
Diana Travis
Rebecca Villagomez
Elinor Walker
Alita Wibert
Susan Withers

1991 Newcombe Scholars
Elizabeth Bach
Roberta Baker
Lillian Becker
Rosada Bennett
Linda Gordon
Suzanne Gordon
Cynthia Ham
Paulette Harding
Juanita Helfrich
Barbara Kozolowski
Gina Lamar
Tasha Lewis
Jane Lynch
Margaret McGugan
Phyllis Palmer
Martha Parker
Donna Parker
Rita Patton
Catherine Rivera
Edith Robinson
Sarina Roffe
Lisa Shannon
Ellen Sloane
Polly Solliday
Dawn Southard
Abigail Turowski
Rebecca Villagomez
Felecia Ward

1990 Newcombe Scholars
Lisa Bard
Myra Binnix
Lori Burge
Margaret Chauncey
Donna Coleman
Catherine Cordella
Sandra Creekmore
Theresa Day
Darlene Dolbey
Tracy Flint
Laurie Fox
Suzanne Gordon
Charlene Lagerwerff
Kathleen Little
Mary Logan
Elizabeth McGrain
Carole Mezias
Kathryn Norton
Noreen Nutter
Gianna O'Neil
Donna Parker
Sarina Roffe
Naseema Sait
Youngkee Shin
Caroline Spahr
Bonnie Stahl
Lillian Symonds
Rose Thompson
My Tran

1989 Newcombe Scholars
Penny Beller
Teri Bristol
Coleen Campbell
Barbara Cromwell
Juliana Garvey
Cathy Hamilton
Leenan Hayden
Laura Hennessy
Judith Hockey
Lady Jenkins
Diane Keister
Charlene Lagerwerff
Breon Lizabeth
Deborah Lueben
Ellen Maillan
Rebecca Marcus
Joyce McClanahan
Sandra Nash
Thuy Nguyen-Do
Gwynette Piper
Martha Powell
Loretta Robert
Amy Schmitz
Lorraine Simpson
Polly Solliday
Linda Wallerstein
Charlotte Watson

1988 Newcombe Scholars
Bette Donahue
Kathleen Biser
Nancy Byerly
Carolyn Fififield
Bonnie Frederick
Jayne Grandes
Cathy Hamilton
Thelma Harley
Theresa Hayhurst
Bonnie Leyn
Patricia Roberge
Maro Rogers
Suzanne Senssabaugh
Susan Sizer
Claire Treppo
Diane Vance
Jane Williams

1987 Newcombe Scholars
Eileen Boyle
Laurie Brunson
Laura Dye
Sarah Elliott
Nancy Faass
Mary Freeland
Audrey Fried
Joyce Gearhart
Beryl Gilmore
Thelma Harley
Yvonne Harris
Lisa Hiltbrand
Patricia Levine
Roberta Miller
Annette Nash
Juliana Ndiforchu
Ruby Neville
Sarah Raymond
Patricia Roberge
Beverly Rodgerson
Paula Ryan
Laura Sauer
Susan Smith
Virginia Smith
June Thwing
Yen Ting
Claire Tucker
Meena Vig
Carol Wagner
Elizabeth Widmann
Catherine Wintersteen
Kathy Wolf

1986 Newcombe Scholars
Delia Albert
Vivianne Baskins
Eileen Boyle
Kaye Brubaker
Gail Del Greco
Sarah Elliott
Margaret Fernandez
Joyce Gearhart
Jane Goldman
Kathi Grimes
Ellen Guyker
Meryl Hall
Lisa Hammack
Nancye Hesaltine
Diane Keister
Violette Kogut
Cecile LaGrenade
Ruth Leitner
Barbara Levitz
Deborah Linnell
Nina Luft
Margaret Ramos
Irene Sanders
Prencis Singleton
Sonita Singwi
Laura Stevens
Josiane Traum
Jessie Ward
Katherine Warner
Mary (Jean) Wilkinson

1985 Newcombe Scholars
Patricia Bradley
Sandra Agrafiotis
Ivette Aguirre-Flores
Kristi Aho
Lois Bayless
Pam Beabout
Elizabeth Disney
Barbara Fayak
Catalina Ferrari
Gayle Glade
Jane Goldman
Emmy Ho
Linda Ingegnieros
Margaret Jones
Cheryl Jones
Violette Kogut
Cecile LaGrenade
Deborah Linnell
Mary McKay
Anne Morgan
Karen Nelson
Kay North
Monique Osborne
Carolyn Receveur
Tracy Roberge
Colette Sabbagh
Sarah Thomas
Sharon Walker
Jessie Ward
Karen Wells
LeeAnna Xanthos

1984 Newcombe Scholars
Jane Antonovich
Czes Barnes
Lauren Bedell
Sara Carey
Hazel Clinkscale
Mary Colvin
Rae Ekman
Dorothy Floyd
Glenna Garner
Lynn Hagood
Karen Hamilton
Dorothy Hammond
Elizabeth Havens
Emmy Ho
Anne Humphreys
Mary Hunt
Anne Kearns
Winifred Lehman
Marsha Lyons
Denise McDonough
Carolyn Menne
Beryl Merchant-Dest
Deborah Pruitt
Sandra Rabak
Badri Siahatgar
Dorothy Staff
Sarah Thomas
Jaqueline Travers
Lynne Whitler
LeeAnna Xanthos

1983 Newcombe Scholars
Ruth Blanton
Lily Burgess
Hollis Church
Mary Hartig
Suzanne Lechtman
Robin Macaskill
Mary Pfeifer
Sandra Rabak
Joy Riser
Yvonne Schaffer
Audrey Schlesinger
Loreli Smith
Barbara Thompson
Cheryll Walker
Kathleen Wilson

1982 Newcombe Scholars
Janet Baldwin
Gail Blake
Lily Burgess
Pollianne Feuer
Doreen Derigo
Roberge Frederique
Helen Greene
Susan Greenleaf
Rosemary Karlsson
Cheryl Kuseski
Constance Locraft
Dorothy Lovett
Joy Marb
Barbara McDonald
Margaret Meachem
Delight Meersman
Linda Pacini
Judith Pokorni
Martha Ranne
Myra Tate
Madalyn Turnbull
Margaret Wickham
Elaine Williams

1981 Newcombe Scholars
Doreen Derigo
Martha Sue Kaltsukis
Constance Locraft
Diane Pisano
Martha Ranne
Frederique Roberge
Caroline White
Linda Zager

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