About Past Scholars
2018-2019 Portman Scholar
Francis Borrasso
Corey Burns

Francis Borrasso served almost four years in the US Army before moving to Maryland and starting her Criminal Justice/Criminology degree. Francis has an Associate degree in Arabic. A native of Texas, she is the mother of a one year old and would eventually like to work in the Federal Government as an FBI member.

2017-2018 Portman Scholar
Francis Borrasso

2016-2017 Portman Scholar
Corey Burns
Corey Burns

Born in Maine, Corey Burns joined the U.S. Army Airborne Infantry where he served in both Kosovo and Iraq. After leaving the U.S. Army, and acquiring a bachelor degree from Pennsylvania State University, Corey began working for the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Chief Counsel. Corey is currently pursuing a degree in microbiology which he hopes to one day employ in contributing to the future.

2013-2016 Portman Scholar
Mingjie Feng '16 Army

Mingjie Feng will be graduating in May with a degree in Government and Politics. Born in China, Mingjie moved to the US when he was 9. Mingjie plans to return to the Armed Forces after he graduates for 4 years before starting law school. He is a 4 year veteran of the Army and is currently serving on the University Senate. He was recently inducted in Phi Alpha Delta, the Professional Pre-Law Fraternity

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