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2018-2019 Scholars
Kaitlyn Torney

Kaitlyn Torney

Kaitlyn Torney is 23 years old and has a one year old son named Kaiden who means the world to her. She is majoring in Animal Science at the University of Maryland with the concentration in Animal Care and Management. She is one of the eleven siblings who are all very close. She grew up in Calvert County and eventually moved to be closer to school and have better job opportunities. She grew up around animals throughout her childhood. She can’t remember a time that she didn’t have a pet of some sort. She is currently a Vet Assistant at Banfield Pet Hospital and loves her job. She has been at Banfield for about 2 years now and have been given the opportunity to grow tremendously there with her technical and leadership skills. She has a dog named Denali who is also a year old. Kaiden and Denali are inseparable. She hopes to either become a Veterinarian or work for the USDA. She currently lives in Silver Spring where she alternates from going to school and working on the days she doesn’t have class. In her spare time, one can find her reading a book, sketching in a sketchbook, or binge watching Netflix shows. Her absolute favorite thing to do however, is spending time with her family.

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