About Past Scholars
2018-2019 Richbourg Scholar
Steven Scammacca '20
Steven Scammacca

Steven is a United States veteran who served nearly six years of honorable service in the Marine Corps and was a Seargant at the time of his discharge. Steven served non-combat deployments to South Korea and Japan as well as a six month deployment to Afghanistan to conduct combat operations. Before his final deployment Steven received a Meritorious Mast, a formal and ceremonial acknowledgement of achievement, for his participation as a data collector in the Marine Corps’ research for improved infantry strategies. Steven officially retired his uniform on August 6th, 2016 and has learned many lessons in his time in the service including the value of hard work and discipline. He plans on continuing his service by enlisting into the National Guard at a future date.

2017-2018 Richbourg Scholar
Steven Scammacca '20

2015-2017 Richbourg Scholar
Christopher Rand '17

Christopher Rand is a proud veteran of the US Navy. During his nine and a half year career he was stationed for 5 years on-board the USS Gettysburg and 2 years on-board the USS Carney where he completed a total of 5 deployments including 3 to the Middle East. On-board both vessels he served as an Aegis Fire Controlman, who's duties include mainlining and operating the ship's Aegis weapon system. Active in the TerpVets organization and a board member on the Student Conduct Committee, Christopher is majoring in Electrical Engineering with the hopes to continue to work on either missile defense systems or power systems.

2014-2015 Richbourg Scholar
J.D. Ruiz '14 Air Force

2013-2014 Richbourg Scholar
J.D. Ruiz '14

2010-2011 Richbourg Scholar
Nicole L. Payne
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