About Colonel Robert A. Stewart

The Colonel Robert A. Stewart USAF Veterans Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 in memory of Colonel Robert Stewart by his dear friends who wish to remain anonymous.

Stewart, who completed his Masters in Engineering at the University of Maryland in 1962, was an outstanding colonel in the United States Air Force who went missing during a mission in 1967. Piloting an F-105 Thunderchief fighter bomber aircraft, Stewart swooped in under cover of night, evading intense enemy fire to wipe out a North Vietnamese railroad target in May 1967.

A member of an elite fighter outfit known as Ryan's Raiders, Stewart conducted a similar mission just six days later when he went missing. This scholarship was established in his memory.

About the Scholarship

The Colonel Robert A. Stewart USAF Veterans Scholarship is designed to help Veterans make a difference, while aiding with their undergraduate or graduate tuition and other expenses.

This scholarship will leave a lasting impact on the University of Maryland Veteran student community by providing one annual scholarship. It will support one student-veteran fully with respect to tuition, school costs, and living expenses, including living and child care expenses for the student-veteran's dependents. The scholarship will support study at any college or school in the university for a full course of study, which might be four years for a first degree or two years or longer for a graduate degree. The scholarship will be awarded according to merit and potential to make the United States of America a better, stronger country and an inspiration to the rest of the world.

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