About Past Scholars
2010-2011 Recipients
Levon Kojoyan
Andrew S. Bernstein
Sandhya P. Patel
Lucy Wang
Andrew R. O'Brochta

2009-2010 Recipients
Katherine R. Vocke
Brittany M. Atkinson
Sneha Dhanapal
Carolyn R. Desrochers

2008-2009 Recipients
Ian J. Gross
Brian T. Hughes
Lea Savard-McNicoll
Dylan G. Rebois
Anastasia Vvedenskaya
Rebecca Yu
Sarah M. Peitzmeier
Parissa N. Youssefi
Jeffrey James
Genevieve R. Poist

2008-2009 Recipients
Parissa N. Youssefi
Jenny Michelle Schmitzer
Krysten Leigh Connon
Kana Matsui
Garrett A. Mitchell
Anna C. Sick

2006-2007 Recipients
Tara H Dutka
Jason Asher Sealy
Melanie A. Lidman
2006-2007 Recipient
Andrew T. Parrish
Andrew T. Parrish

Andy Parrish is a Math and Computer Science major in the College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. Andy traveled to Budapest, Hungary in Fall 2006 where he studied mathematics at a Hungarian university. His experience resulted in the opportunity to participate in the International Mathematics Competition in Bulgaria.

“Hungarian students are taught a different way to think about math problems. It is an entirely different mindset there. With my exposure to both American and Hungarian styles of math education, I feel that I am much better suited to approach whatever mathematical challenges come my way than I could have been from an American education on its own."

2006-2007 Recipient
Erin Elizabeth Reddy
Erin Elizabeth Reddy

Erin Reddy is a Women’s Studies major in the College of Arts & Humanities. She traveled to India for the 2006-2007 academic year where she studied economics, history and Hindi at St. Stephen’s College in Delhi, India. She also worked with a group in Delhi called STOP (Stop Trafficking in Persons).

The following passage is from her journal, and are about her experience with a food vendor located outside her apartment building in North Delhi:

“The chai-wallah is my favorite worker at the dhaba. He was stone-faced for six-months until just recently. He now smiles at me every time I come. Huge smiles. Gentle smiles. He wears a Keralan-style dhoti with a shabby Oxford button-down, along with a huge fabric sheet wrapped clumsily but securely around his head. …He makes the best chai in all of India. He has a long, unkempt, salt and pepper beard. You can tell he likes to hide behind it. One day I want to ask him how many cups of chai he makes in a single day- probably enough to fill the Yamuna…"

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