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Great Expectations: The Campaign for Maryland

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Susan Rankaitis Artwork
  My Name Is For My Friends by Susan Rankaitis
  Made possible by a gift from Erik B. Young, M.D., ’74 and Joyce D. C. Young

Art is moving from behind gallery walls to take center stage throughout the Adele H.Stamp Student Union. The Union Contemporary Art Purchasing Program is unique and student-centered, making challenging art created by noted contemporary artists accessible to the broader university community, while giving students the unique occasion to meet with artists, gallery managers and curators – experiencing the world of art as a business.

Every other year, five students are selected to serve on the Union Contemporary Art Purchasing Program Committee. The students take a class in contemporary art, learning contemporary art styles, price and value, how to work with galleries and how to build an art collection. During the spring semester, they research potential pieces and travel to Washington, D.C., Baltimore and New York City to purchase art for the Union’s permanent collection. Students present their recommendations to a panel of curators, collectors and artists for final selection of the works. The selected pieces become the property of the University and are showcased around the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, opening the eyes of students and community members to the varied perspectives and cultures of contemporary artists.

The collection currently includes Untitled #131 (Llama) by Simen Johan, My Name Is For My Friends by Susan Rankaitis, The Hispanic Project and The Tourist Project (13) by Nikki S. Lee, Throw by Maggie Michael, Plate 14 by Shimon Attie and 15 Mouths by Lorna Simpson.

Linda M. Clement Quote


Recognized nationally for many of its programs, services and staff, the Division of Student Affairs works collectively to offer students a world-class experience while at Maryland. We strive to provide every student the opportunity to gain skills necessary to contribute to our global society and to explore leadership in all of its various forms. We believe students must graduate with the skills not only necessary to succeed in the work place, but also to live healthy, balanced and civically engaged lives.


  • Create and endow the student scholarship fund.
  • Endow the Adele H. Stamp Student Union Art Purchasing Fund, enabling the expansion and maintenance of the art collection.
  • Educate and expose students, campus visitors and the surrounding community to works by emerging and established contemporary artists to better understand the importance of the arts in today’s world.


  • Garden of Reflection and Remembrance: Inspiring the University and surrounding communities to take the time to contemplate and enjoy the quiet of nature. Used by several classes integrating the labyrinth into the curriculum; and as an outdoor laboratory for classes such as Landscape Architecture.
  • Student Crisis Fund: Removing financial burden and worry for students who have had major challenges – funds to replace books, assist in times of family emergencies and medical need.
  • America Reads*America Counts and Partners in Print: Giving students the opportunity to not only make a difference in the life of a young person at risk, but also to consider careers in teaching and the non-profit sector.
  • Veterans Scholarships: Providing critical resources to fill the gap between Veterans Administration benefits and the actual cost of an education. Scholarships are often the only way our vets can attend college; many also are providing for families.
  • Alternative Breaks: Developing critical thinking skills while giving students the opportunity to better understand the impact one citizen’s involvement can have locally and globally. Deep education on issues such as border awareness, the justice system, HIV/AIDS, poverty and education.

We call on all those who value our work – alumni, students, faculty, partners and friends – to come forward, contribute their knowledge, energy and financial resources, and help us improve student lives so that they, in turn will change the world. Join with us to achieve Great Expectations!

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