About Dr. Margaretha Lucas

A passionate educator, clinician, and researcher with impeccable credentials, Margaretha truly embodied the essence of a scientist-practitioner. During her 28-year career, she provided counseling, clinical supervision, and crisis intervention, chaired several committes, and taught counseling and assessment courses in the CAPS department.

Known for her steady and pragmatic leadership style, Margaretha was appointed to serve in many key administrative positions. From 1988 to 1990 she served as acting assistant director for the Counseling Service followed by a seven-year tenure as training director from 1991-1998. She also held acting assistant director positions in the Learning Assistance Service (1999-2000) and Disability Support Service (2003-2004). She was permanently appointed assistant director to the Testing and Research Unit in 2008.

Margaretha is survived by her husband Pieter T. Lucas, daughter Anna, and son Petras (Peter).

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