About the Fund

NancyPhoto Credit - Rod Millington
The Veterans Transition Crisis Fund was established by the S. Irwin Kamin Foundation in honor of Dr. Nancy K. Schlossberg to provide immediate emergency support to UMD veteran students experiencing unforeseen financial hardship. As veteran students navigate through challenging life transitions from military service to civilian and student life, an unanticipated financial emergency can derail progress towards a college degree and fulfilling career.

Professor Emerita Dr. Nancy K. Schlossberg spent much of her career as a professor of counseling psychology. Nancy taught at Howard University, Wayne State, and at the University of Maryland for 26 years. She was the first woman executive at the American Council of Education (ACE) where she established the Office of Women in Higher Education in 1973. Nancy is the co-president of TransitionWorks and has authored nine books on to help individuals cope with the ups and downs of life.

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